Monday, 31 July 2017

Term 3 Newsletter


Explorers 1 and 2 Newsletter
Term 3  Week 1 2017

Dear Parents and Caregivers
We hope you have enjoyed the winter holidays despite the dramatic weather we have had!
We have a new NE class starting in Room 10 and this class will be taught by Mrs Charlotte Bates.
A special welcome to all new students and their teacher! Katelyn Hill will continue to teach in Room 7 while Ms Dempster is on maternity leave. Ms D has a new wee boy called Ciaran.

Focus for learning this term:

This is a brief outline of the learning programmes.

Values:        Caring   Respect   Personal Best    Responsibility     Learning
We will revisit these at the beginning of term to refresh the children’s understanding of how these school values can enhance all they do at school and at home.   
Literacy and Numeracy:
These essential learning areas form the basis of all class programmes throughout the year. The strand focus for Mathematics will be Geometry - Shape position and orientation.
PE and Health:  
We continue to teach fundamental skills in PE and will focus this term on ball skills. (throwing, catching and striking.)
Inquiry - Visual Language:
We will be looking at stories and storytelling. In conjunction with this we will be learning how to use I Movie to tell a story. Keep an eye out for information about the family movie afternoon/evening at the end of the term.
The Visual Art theme is Photography in conjunction with our Inquiry. All students will attend two drama days this term with Trudy Rowe and Helen Murray.
Te Reo:
Māori language week will be 11-17 September and we will have a special Te Reo focus for this week.
Note from Trudy Rowe  -   Our Kapahaka leaders have asked to work with our Senior Kapahaka for the next four weeks, due to preparation for the Cultural Festival on Wednesday 16th August.
There will be no Junior Kapahaka until Week Five, this term.

Term 3 Workshops:
We have Canterbury cricket tutors teaching cricket skills later this term. This should be great fun and tie in nicely with our focus on developing ball skills. In week 1 we will all attend a 30 minute Kelly Sports workshop.

Senior Teacher:
Ruth Burry is on leave for Term 3.  Judy Davies will be responsible for all Senior teacher duties, Mutukaroa and New Entrant liaison.

Winter Chills and Illness:
We still have a bit of winter to go and we would encourage you to keep your child at home if they are unwell. A classroom is a great place for the spreading of bugs. Please always notify the school office if your child is absent.

Keep up the great work with trying to use less packaging in your child’s lunchbox. This makes a difference to the rubbish in and around our playground. It has been pleasing to see that some children have no plastic or paper wrap at all. There is a challenge for everyone!

Reporting Conferences:
If your child is scheduled to have a reporting conference this term you will receive a note outlining the time and booking details.  Keep an eye out for this in the next week.

The team blog is a great window into your child’s classroom.

Please do not hesitate to see your child’s teacher if you have any queries or concerns.

Kind regards
Junior School Teachers


Term costs:

Year 0/2 Term costs - Term 3     2017

No additional charges this term
This is to confirm the notification of costs you have already received via school links.
Total compulsory costs
Photocopy Donation
School Donation ($100 per year or $25 per term - please disregard if you pay in full)
Total including Donations
$ 30.00

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